Wendy L. Marshall, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Medical Massage


I am a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. Medical Massage is treatment directed by a physician for a particular outcome. It may be either private pay or billed to insurance.  This type of massage requires more time, training, and experience. There must be clear communication between the patient and myself before, during, and after their session to make sure that I am addressing their needs and what their physician has directed me to do. Before your first treatment begins, I obtain the RX (by you or faxed from physician's office) from your provider. Then I can proceed with your care by following his/her diagnosis and instructions for your treatment.  I will take and maintain progress notes and other records.  There may be communication between myself and your physician during the course of your treatment.  If treatment is due to an auto injury, it is possible that I may be called upon to provide information (with patient's written permission to do so) to an attorney's office involved in representing the patient or auto insurance company, as well as the auto insurance company covering another person that was involved in the accident.

Currently I bill auto insurance companies for motor vehicle accidents.  In Oregon, auto insurance companies must cover Massage Therapy, and also must keep your claim open for one year from date of injury.

If you wish me to bill your insurance company for medical massage rather than to pay for each visit upon completion of session, the first step is to collect necessary information and then verify coverage with your insurance company prior to your appointment.  Just give me a call, and I will take the necessary information I need to proceed with your care.


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